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Behind Her Eyes Review | Unhinged Discussion on the Mind-Blowing Series

Behind Her Eyes

Director: Erik Richter Strand

Date Created: 2021-02-17 00:00

Editor's Rating:

Just finished Behind Her Eyes and my face was like —

That was GOOD. 

They got me there. 

Behind Her Eyes is a cautionary tale about the dangers of minding somebody else's business instead of minding your own.
Behind Her Eyes review
This is probs my best movie poster graphic design work to date. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back.

If you haven’t seen this limited series yet and you want to, I honestly think that going into it as blindly as possible leads to the biggest emotional payoff.

So don’t read any further!

Go watch it first and then come back and discuss it with me later.

I’ll put a giant “no spoiler” gif here to shield your eyes. You’re welcome.

I see you’ve scrolled past the giant gif.

Let’s get into it then, shall we?

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Behind Her Eyes Review

That Twist Tho…

Not that kind of twist — the twist in the plot line.

I apologize. I should have been more specific.

This show does a good job of leaving you in the dark until the very end.

Once the house fire happened, the pieces came together for me.

I can’t believe David was the victim the whole time! 😮

Yes, he’s controlling but he’s not the villain.

I thought that there would definitely be some more dirt on him. 

Rob playing such a fundamental role in the outcome of the story was a curveball for me. I kept wondering the whole time, who is this guy and what is the purpose of including him? Only to find out he was the main act. All. Along. *insert evil laughter*


All of the actors did a good job. I just wanted to mention one particular aspect of the casting that really stood out to me.

I loved the fact that Louise was black, yet her race played NO role in the story at all.

That’s the kind of racial integration I like to see.

Just letting a person be a person without their race being a personality trait or a political statement.

She’s just an attractive, single mother who has an affair. Her race holds no weight in the story.

Race is as significant as eye color. It’s just a surface-level identifying descriptor that has no bearing on someone’s social value.

Lucid Dreaming

… that’s a strong no from me. The dangers of getting stuck in a dream or really just playing around with a spiritual world that you don’t understand. Super risky. Let me just enjoy my dreams in ignorance.

Funny story, after watching this show I had a dream where I noticed that I was in a dream. I looked down at my hands and they were fuzzy and there was a random crooked sixth finger sticking out from my pinky finger. Immediately, I was like — oop — should I have fun with this or… am I gonna get sleep paralysis or…

Stop thinking of doors!!

But fortunately, my cunning dream brain quickly distracted me from the realization that I was in a dream before I could embark on any real lucid dreaming adventure. 

Behind Her Eyes Life Lessons

Don’t have affairs.

I know this one can be really difficult for some of us, but please, keep your eyes on your own lane lest some raggedy somebody evacuates you from your own body. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Be careful who you get close with.

I know some of y’all just finished watching Raya and the Last Dragon and you’re considering trusting people more and putting yourself in more vulnerable positions — don’t. Stop it right there. Don’t do it. Raya is lying to you.

Test the spirits.

When the energy is off, don’t ignore it. Observe, monitor, and take mental notes, but be subtle.

Louise’s child sensed that something was off immediately after the body switch happened. Unfortunately, that child is next to go.

Even David knew that something was off. This puts all of the sex scenes with Adele into perspective. In retrospect, everything makes sense.

Behind Her Eyes Thrill Level

I have a moderate tolerance for thrillers depending on the subject matter and a very low tolerance for horror movies because nope. And I would say this limited series was pretty tolerable.

Not too much blood or crude imagery. No demons.

Maybe a few nightmare sequences with zombie-looking creatures but nothing too nightmare-inducing for a lightweight like me. So, if you’re also a horror lightweight, this limited series shouldn’t be too terribly intolerable.

But still, watch something light and funny before going to sleep. Just to be safe.

In Conclusion…

Behind Her Eyes is thrilling with gradual tension-building, suspenseful story-telling, good acting, and a satisfyingly shocking ending. It’s definitely worth sticking it through the slow parts.

Rating: 7.5/10

How shocked were you by the plot twist? Let me know in the comments below!

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Peace, love, and lots of popcorn,


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