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Welcome to the guided movie review generator where you can create your own unique movie review with a little bit of guidance. Just enter a word, choose an option, or answer a question that’s closely related to the movie you’re reviewing (or totally unrelated, it’s up to you) and click on the “Create Review” button at the bottom. If you enjoy your review, be sure to share your results!

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e.g. action, fantasy, comedy, drama…
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e.g. riding roller coasters
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this movie is about… (eg. two characters who fall in love under difficult circumstances…)
any theme/person/plot line/ect. that stood out to you the most
Regarding the technical elements of the film, I enjoyed… (the dynamic camera angles, etc.)
adjective = a word that describes or modifies a noun (e.g. a STUNNING film, an ENERGETIC soundtrack, BEAUTIFUL visuals)
I really liked this…
I really didn’t like this…
This movie is a fun thriller that successfully…
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