Generic Movie Review

Welcome to the generic movie review generator where you can create your own unique movie review through 15 questions and in under 5 minutes! Similar to Mad Libs, just enter (or choose) a word that’s closely related to the movie you’re reviewing (or totally unrelated, it’s up to you) and click on the “Create Review” button at the bottom. If you enjoy your review, be sure to share your results!

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(e.g. action, fantasy, comedy, drama…)
put an ampersand (&) between multiple directors
put an ampersand (&) between multiple main actors (e.g. Dwayne Johnson & Ryan Reynolds & Gal Gadot)
theme = a recurring idea in the movie (e.g. love, sacrifice, grief, perseverance, faith, justice) (use ampersand (&) for multiple themes)
choose from dropdown list
choose from dropdown list
choose from dropdown list
adjective = a word that describes or modifies a noun (e.g. a STUNNING film, an ENERGETIC soundtrack, BEAUTIFUL visuals)
verb = a word that conveys an action, occurrence, or state of being (e.g. run, stand, cook)
just enter one number between 1 and 10 (e.g. [5])

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generic movie review

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