How to Start a Movie Blog | A Series

This is a growing page where I will sequence posts detailed to equip readers with the knowledge on how to start a movie blog.

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Progress Reports

1. How to Obtain Your Website

This article details how to sign up for Bluehost, a web hosting company perfect for beginner bloggers.

Is Bluehost a good hosting company

2. How to Write Movie Review Blog Posts

This article details how to write your first movie review blog post.

how to make a movie review blog

3. How to Make Your Blog Legal

This article details which pages your website needs to legally have to avoid lawsuits and how to obtain those pages without breaking the bank by paying legal fees.

the best legal templates for blogs

4. How to Make Money Blogging

This article details a course that I took that helped me make my first $100 through affiliate marketing with this blog.

making sense of affiliate marketing review

Right now, this page is under construction so the information will become more streamlined and easier to navigate with time. Stay tuned!

Peace, love, and lots of popcorn,

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