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Established in 2020, In My Opinion Flicks is a hub where organizing, generating, and communicating movie opinions is made as simple as possible. It doesn’t matter how “official” you sound, how experienced you are, or how many pennies people give you for your thoughts, everyone’s critiquing style is a valuable contribution to the conversation. 

In addition to our movie reviews, we also offer a growing collection of electronic and printable movie review templates to help movie bloggers and enthusiasts create their own reviews with ease. Our templates are designed to provide a clear structure and help you highlight the most important aspects of a film, making it easier to write compelling and informative reviews.

We understand that movie blogging can be a competitive space, which is why we also provide tips and advice on how to grow and monetize your movie review blog. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your blog to the next level, we’re here to help you turn your passion for movies into a profitable venture.

In fact, starting 2024, we’ve opened our doors to allow anyone to submit their own movie reviews to be published on this site as well. 

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