• is the marvels good

    Is The Marvels Good? Well… It’s Better Than Bad…

    At this point, you’ve probably heard so little about The Marvels that it almost seems unnecessary to even ask the question: “Is The Marvels good?” Hearing about the lackluster reception of the film and then watching it for myself, it’s clear to see why reviews have not been particularly glowing. …

  • Gran Turismo Movie Good
    Action,  Drama

    Is Gran Turismo Movie Good? | The Basic Underdog Formula

    Is the Gran Turismo movie good? Well, Gran Turismo is a perfectly mediocre film. With a plot and characters that perfectly fit the mold of the basic underdog story, Gran Turismo‘s most unique quality lies in the ways that the editors brought video game-like effects into real-world circumstances. Every other…

  • is blue beetle good

    Is Blue Beetle Good? Family Movie Is Extremely Predictable

    Is Blue Beetle Good? Blue Beetle is a cute, predictable movie that spotlights how family strengthens an individual. Although the film holds a strong and heartwarming message, its execution of that message is done so formulaically that you can easily guess the next line of dialogue and the complete plot…

  • heart of stone 2023

    Is Heart of Stone 2023 Worth Watching?

    If you’ve seen any action movie at all, then you’ve seen Heart of Stone. A generic, formulaic rendering of an action movie, Heart of Stone feels artificial. Like it was created with AI and not with real people. The script is stiff, the storyline lacks a sense of fluid urgency,…

  • 65 movie bad
    Action,  Sci-Fi

    Is the 65 Movie Bad? 3 Reasons It’s Not Great

    Is the 65 movie bad? With all of the potential that this film had to be something novel and captivating, it rather settled for being an unimaginative narrative that just falls short of mediocre. The movie 65 lacks a clear identity but is rather a sequence of occurrences happening independent…

  • extraction 2 action sequence

    Extraction 2 Action Sequences | The Best 3 Action Scenes

    The exquisite combat choreography that distinguished the first Extraction movie is further perfected in the second go-round of the Extraction franchise. The camera moves with the fight scenes like a pair of hungry eyes not wanting to miss a single piece of the action, following the movement the best that…