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Christmas Gifts for Movie Lovers | 12 Wonderful Ideas

Looking for the perfect movie-themed Christmas gifts for movie lovers? Want to know what to get a person who loves movies for Christmas? Well, look no further because if you don’t know what to gift a movie lover for Christmas, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve rounded up some of the BEST and most unique Christmas movie gifts for movie lovers.

Below is a curated list of 12 top movie themed Christmas gift ideas that I’ve found in honor of the 12 days of Christmas.

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12 Best Christmas Gifts for Movie Lovers

christmas gifts for movie lovers

1. Customizable Christmas Movie Watching Blanket

christmas gifts for movie lovers blanket
Christmas Gifts for Movie Lovers; image from Etsy

This cozy Christmas blanket is one of the most heart-warming personalized gifts for movie lovers.

With this gift, you can insert the gift-getter’s name into the blanket so they’re never obligated to share blanket space during Christmas movie marathons. Their name is on it after all…

2. Christmas Movies Sweatshirt

christmas gifts for movie lovers sweatshirt
Christmas Gifts for Movie Lovers; image from Etsy

Warm, stylish, and dangerously accurate, this Christmas movies sweatshirt will surely bring a smile to the face of the movie lover in your life.

With several styles and colors to choose from, you can customize this shirt to suit the gift-getter’s preferences.

3. Christmas Classics Tumbler

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Decorated with all of the childhood Christmas classics, this tumbler will fill you with warm Christmas movie memories alongside your warm holiday drinks.

The bright colors and cheerful Christmas movie moments are sure to brighten your movie lover’s day.

4. Bad Christmas Movie Bingo

christmas gifts for movie lovers bingo
image from Etsy

I honestly don’t know why every single household doesn’t already have this. What a fun way to take your Christmas movie marathon up a notch!

With Bad Christmas Bingo, each Bingo board has a unique array of classic Christmas movie tropes like “Setting is in a Small Town” or “Includes a widow or widower”

This movie-themed Christmas gift is sure to be a hoot not only for the movie lover, but for the whole Christmas crew!

5. Christmas Movie Logbook

christmas gifts for movie lovers logbook
image from Etsy

With all the Christmas movies being consumed each holiday season, you’re going to need a journal to remember all the fun details.

This movie logbook is the perfect way to log all of your Christmas-themed movies so you know which ones to come back to or skip over next year.

This gift is perfect for the movie lover who enjoys critiquing and logging their movie opinions and the quality of the journals are superb!

6. Christmas Movie Mug

christmas gifts for movie lovers mug
image from Etsy

I would probably overdose on hot chocolate if I had a mug this cute. I would never put it down.

This Christmas movie mug is an adorable Christmas gift for the movie lover in your life who loves nothing more than a warm drink and a cheesy Christmas movie.

7. Blanket & Mug Set

christmas gifts for movie lovers blanket & mug set
image from Etsy

If you’re on the fence about getting a nice blanket or a nice mug for the movie lover in your life, why not get both?

This blanket and mug set is the perfect cozy Christmas basket for a movie lover. Especially a Christmas movie lover.

8. Die Hard Christmas Ornament (cuz it’s a Christmas movie)

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I’m not even sure why this was a debate, but Die Hard is definitely a Christmas movie that deserves its place on the Christmas tree.

If you have any friends who agree, then this ornament is the perfect symbol of your allegiance to the “Die Hard is a Christmas movie” alliance.

Cleverly depicting the vent-crawling scene, this ornament is sure to stir up exciting Christmas vibes.

9. Christmas Murder Mystery Game

christmas gifts for movie lovers murder mystery
image from Masters of Mystery

This one is a party! With at least 4 players and several Christmas movie characters to choose from, this Christmas-themed murder mystery game is sure to make a memorable Christmas gift for the gift-getter and an unforgettable experience for everyone else too!

This murder mystery can be played in person or even virtually making the options versatile.

10. Christmas Movie Cookbook

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Tis the season to try out brand new recipes! And this cookbook is the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas movie marathon.

If the movie lover in your life is always marveling about the meals in the movies, help them bring those mouth-watering dreams to life with this Christmas movie cookbook!

11. Hallmark Christmas Movie Watching Bracelet

christmas gifts for movie lovers bracelet
image from Etsy

Simple, festive, and unashamed of your love of Hallmark Christmas movies, this stainless steel bracelet is a classy touch to any festive holiday wear.

And it gets even better, you can engrave the name of the movie lover who is lucky enough to receive this gift on the back of the disc charm.

The gift-getter will be sure to sport this beautiful charm for the entirety of the holiday season (and maybe even beyond).

12. Hallmark Christmas Movie Watching Socks

christmas gifts for movie lovers socks
image from Etsy

No need to have cold feet about getting Christmas socks for the movie lover in your life. There’s no such thing as having too many cozy socks.

These cozy unisex socks are the gift your gift-getter won’t know they’ll need until they get them. They’re also a perfect add-on to an existing gift.

These socks in particular are cute, witty, and funny. You can’t go wrong with a cozy pair of socks.

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Hope this gives you some ideas for Christmas gifts for movie lovers!

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