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10 Instant Family Funny Moments & Precious Family Themes

Instant Family

Director: Sean Anders

Date Created: 2018-11-16 00:00

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Instant Family will have you instantly hooked. This movie is incredibly hilarious and completely engaging the whole time.

I have not laughed at a movie this much in a while. I had to physically pause the movie because I was laughing too much.

Ah, *wipes tear* good stuff.

instant family funny moments
Instant Family Funny Moments
Instant Family is about a married couple, Pete and Ellie, who decide to take on foster care adoption, instantly becoming the parents of 3 troubled siblings. Through lots of tears and laughter, Pete and Ellie navigate adoptive parenthood.

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10 Instant Family Funny Moments

Instant Family is full of laugh-out-loud quotes and moments.

My favorite, funniest moments:

  1. “You killed my dad!”
  2. October’s speech at the adoption agency about adopting an African American athlete. DEAD.
  3. At the foster kid picnic, when the couple went up to the child that was alone and said: “Occupied.”
  4. At the same picnic, October throwing a football to a kid and when they couldn’t catch it, dismissing them as an option.
  5. Pete using ketchup to put out a fire.
  6. “She’s not fat! She’s body-positive!”
  7. “I’m ⅛ Comanche. I’m not white!”
  8. “This is from Anne Taylor!” (I didn’t realize how many Ellie moments I found hilarious)
  9. “15-year-old girls should never be naked. Ever!”
  10. The principal trying to stop the Zamboni while Pete and Ellie were beating Jacob up.

These are just to name a few that really stood out to me. I guess this movie appeals to my sense of humor.

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6 Family-Centric Themes

First: Sibling Rivalry

Ellie and her sister had a toxic sibling rivalry.

You’re really going to try to restrict your sister from having kids because you don’t think you’re able to?

Like, don’t get me wrong, I understand the jealousy but that jealousy is just TOO STRONG.

Use that same energy to lift one another up. Too many outside obstacles tear us down already.

Siblings should be a source of lifetime comradery, support, and love.

Second: The biological child vs. adopted child debate.

I love how this was brought up and discussed in the film.

This film didn’t completely sugarcoat adoption or cut out the real questions and skepticism that people have towards it. It brought those questions to the forefront and challenged them with love and good humor.

Third: Love shines brightest in the darkest of times.

When Juan dropped the nail gun on his foot, the most tragic of accidents in the film, that’s when the kids began to really see how much Ellie and Pete cared for them.

Love isn’t about just being there for the good times, and joining in on the rollercoasters and funnel cake, it’s about staying put even when times are hard, grim, and not so rosy.

That’s when you see who TRULY cares for you.

Fourth: The complementary partnership, strength, and advantage of being raised by a strong team.

Pete and Ellie had different dispositions and different strengths.

Pete was more practical and Ellie was more compassionate.

They switched between good cop and bad cop. When Ellie couldn’t get through to Lizzy, Pete had a different approach that would work. Where one was weak, the other was strong.

I just think that although possible, it is incredibly more difficult to have all the answers and all the energy for multiple children by yourself. That’s a group project.

And Ellie and Pete made a really great team.

And honestly, even Grandma Sandy was the extra piece to fill in the cracks that Pete and Ellie couldn’t.

instant family funny moments grandma sandy

Fifth: “Things that matter are hard” – Mrs. Fernandez

Seeing Ellie and Pete overthink and try so hard with the kids was endearing and oftentimes a bit awkward but it really ultimately showed that they cared. A lot.

And I think it’s important to care even if you’re not sure that it’ll be reciprocated.

Sixth: The essence of family is unconditional love

“You get reminded what a sack of sh*t you are five times a day, after a while, you can’t believe anyone could ever love you.” – Grandma Sandy

I really loved that line because ain’t it the truth?

Accepting love can be really difficult when you don’t believe you’re worthy or deserving of it.

That was the reality of the confrontation with Lizzy. As a teen, it was hard for her, REALLY hard, especially after her mother left, to believe that she could be loved.

That scene where Ellie and Pete were trying to get through to her was so precious. Almost brought tears to my eyes.

Love stays. Love fights to stay.

In Conclusion…

Instant Family is such a gem because it displays this option of adoption as something that’s tough, challenging, and a bit of struggle but also ultimately beautiful.

It uses that story to sow a seed in people’s minds to consider adopting if they haven’t thought of it before or maybe the final push for some people who have been considering adoption for a while now.

This movie says you don’t have to be special or perfect to adopt, you just have to be open to the beautiful messiness that it takes to love.

Rating: 9.5/10

What lessons did you take away from this precious movie? Let me know in the comments below!

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