Is The Marvels Good? Well… It’s Better Than Bad…

The Marvels

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At this point, you’ve probably heard so little about The Marvels that it almost seems unnecessary to even ask the question: “Is The Marvels good?”

Hearing about the lackluster reception of the film and then watching it for myself, it’s clear to see why reviews have not been particularly glowing. 

The leading actresses oftentimes lack charm, harboring a sense of artificiality about them.

Captain Marvel has an unlikable spirit, Kamala Khan can come off as quite annoying, Rambeau is ok but lacks a distinct personality, and the female supervillain is so dangerously forgettable, that she’s the only name I had to Google to write this sentence (her name is Dar-Benn btw). 

The lack of strong, relatable, likable main characters hinders the film’s enjoyability quite a bit. 

But despite the film’s shortcomings, there were a few redeemable qualities of the film which, although didn’t make the film good, saved it from being bad. 

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Is the Marvels Good? What Saved It From Being Bad

is the marvels good
Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Monica Rambeau's powers become intertwined due to a disturbance in the universe. Together they must right their wrongs and restore balance to the galaxy and their own personal lives.

The Switch Fighting

Captain Marvel, Kamala, and Rambeau connect through their shared source of power, switching places through space and time whenever any one of them taps into their shared power.

Although the physics of these time and space shifts were confusing to me, the visual edits of the film between these fight scenes were quite well done and impressive to watch.

Some Likeable Characters

The funny thing about this film is that the most likable characters were the ones that were not the focal point of the film at all. 

Kamala’s family were my favorite people in the whole film. 

Their comedic timing was on point. 

Girl Power

The training montage among the three intertwined superheroes is quite lovely to behold.

It just screams girl power. 

The banter between “The Marvels” team even feels genuine at times, like they were truly having fun with each other. 

They’re all very different people with very different backgrounds so their lives conjoining is very unlikely.

But the training montage presents itself in a way that had them liking each other despite their differences. It had them working well together despite the odds and finding a common ground. 

This bond and shared understanding amongst them led to some pretty cool all-girl fight scenes as well. 

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Building Worlds

The makeup of the Kree people looked so atrociously fake. It was giving Power Ranger’s villain vibes from the early 2000’s.

However, this film introduced us to an intriguing new world, Aldana: a bright, musical world full of singing, dancing, and sunshine. 

In Aldana, we see new aspects of the superhero’s personalities unfold in very unexpected ways. This playfulness helped to ease the stiffness of our superheroes’ typical demeanor.


The Marvels didn’t take itself too seriously.

With silly, unconventional solutions to serious problems, The Marvels put in some effort to lighten the mood here and there and give the audience a bit of a mental break.

In Conclusion…

Is The Marvels Good?

Not really…

The movie’s ending is unsatisfying and does not leave you eager for another installment of this story.

Despite the film’s efforts to round out our superhero trios’ personalities, it’s still difficult to become invested in the outcome of each character. To truly connect with each hero.

Unfortunately, this all-female trio feels more disappointing than empowering.

The Marvels is a mediocre film with a few bright moments. 

However, what the film lacks in main star power, it makes up for in glimmers of peripheral goodness.

With some funny subplots and hilarious supporting characters, The Marvels is saved from being a lackluster, bland watch.

But besides that, The Marvels is not the best movie and not even close to the top-tier standard that we know the Marvel franchise can deliver.

Rating: 5.5/10

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