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Is Yes God Yes a Good Movie? | 4 Simple Reasons Why It Is

Yes, God, Yes

Director: Karen Maine

Date Created: 2023-01-08 08:46

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Yes, God, Yes is the double entendre title for a movie about a devout Catholic teen who battles the contradictions between her sexual urges and her school’s religious teachings.

Is Yes God Yes a Good Movie? poster
Is Yes God Yes a Good Movie? poster
When Alice, a Catholic teen, discovers a risqué AOL chatroom, she begins to question her religious teachings about sex. 

This movie confronts sex and religion in an honest and relatable way. It criticizes how the church often handles the topic of sex and spotlights hypocrisy among church leaders.

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Is Yes God Yes a Good Movie? | 4 Reasons Why It Is

Is Yes God Yes a Good Movie?

Yes God Yes it is! Apart from its high audience and critic ratings (93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes), it’s also just objectively good. It discusses sex and religion in an honest way without being disrespectful, it has an authentic ambience, and it has great pacing with only a 78 minutes runtime.

1. It’s an honest critique of the Catholic church while not being blasphemous.

Religion can be a really delicate subject to discuss. It’s a bit of a tightrope to question, negate, or criticize a foundational structure that has been set in motion for years.

Yet, Yes, God, Yes takes on this challenge and walks this line of discourse with grace. It focuses on what unites us even if the belief on how to best practice a shared religion is divisive.

Alice said it best in her climatic camp speech:

“When people spread lies about you, it hurts. It makes you feel alone and empty and… sometimes you do things that you’re not proud of. Look, we’re all hiding stuff. All kinds of stuff. What if we just tried to be honest and to treat each other with respect?… then maybe we could stop feeling so guilty about who we are all the time because the truth is, we’re all just trying to figure out our sh*t.”

Alice, Yes, God, Yes

2. It’s Authentic

You’re bound to relate to at least one aspect of this film. This coming-of-age narrative has all the awkward, embarrassing, cringingness of growing up, plus some.

There was a handheld camera effect in the film which further infused a level of authenticity into the story.

Although some moments were definitely outlandish, it wouldn’t be too hard to believe if you were told this story was real.

3. The Actors Are Spot On

Speaking of authenticity, the incredible lead actors had a big hand in that.

Natalia Dyer did an amazing job bringing Alice to life. Just a very genuine character portrayal.

It was also nice to see the familiar face of Alisha Boe from “13 Reasons Why.” She also did a great job playing a multi-layered character.

4. It’s Brief

Rather than dragging out a simple narrative, Yes, God, Yes, says all it needs to say in a breezy 78 minutes runtime. The movie is well-paced and the narrative is neat.

In Conclusion…

Yes, God, Yes is solid, succinct, and sparks discussion about the

Rating: 7/10

Should I watch Yes, God, Yes?

If you think you’d enjoy a comedic, coming-of-age tale about sexual awakenings within a religious context then yeah, give this movie a try.

What was the point of the movie Yes, God, Yes?

The point of this movie is to address the shame and dishonesty often associated with sexuality in the Catholic church.

Is Yes, God, Yes Based on a true story?

Not necessarily. However, it’s based on the experiences of the writer and director, Karen Maine, having grown up Catholic in Idaho with a strict sex-ed curriculum.

Is Yes, God, Yes a romance?

No. It is a coming-of-age story meaning a lot of failed attempts at romance.

How old is Alice in Yes, God, Yes


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