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Ghosted Is A Good Movie | Not Great But Not Bad


Director: Dexter Fletcher

Date Created: 2023-04-21 00:00

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Given the several low ratings and reviews for Ghosted floating around the internet, I was already prepared to trash this movie within the first few scenes, but boy was I glad that I stayed.

Ghosted is a good movie, despite the fact that it easily veers into being almost too unbelievable to fully enjoy. A fun and effective combination of rom-com and action, if you enjoy Marvel movies or Knives Out then Ghosted is the movie for you. 

Ghosted is a Good Movie (despite its flaws)

ghosted is a good movie

Ghosted is an action-filled rom-com about a farmer named Cole (Chris Evans) who falls head over heels for mysterious Sadie (Ana de Armas) — but when she ghosts him after a promising first date, Cole ventures across the world to discover that she’s a secret agent and now, his life is in danger by being in association with her.

** Heads Up There WILL NOT be spoilers in this review. **

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The Beginning is Not Promising

From the jump, the script for Ghosted is very cringe-worthy. Many have accused this script of sounding like it was created with artificial intelligence and not with real people.

The not-so-subtle metaphors likening plants to human personalities, the classic opposites-attract trope, and the unnatural conversations feel offputting.

Speaking of things that didn’t feel authentic – Ana De Armas’s wig. Why???

Really, why did they put her in such a clunky, unflattering wig for the majority of the movie? At the end of the movie, she’s wearing her natural hair which looks great on her.

Why didn’t they just let her wear her natural hair for the whole movie?

Because if the wig was supposed to be some sort of disguise as a spy, it was not doing much of anything to conceal her identity.

The thing is that Scarlett Johansen was originally supposed to play the role of Sadie in this film and Ana’s wig does resemble more of a hair color that you would see on Johansen.

It seems as though the writers did nothing to adjust the story to account for the actress’s change but rather tried to turn Armas into Johansen.

They didn’t account for Ana De Armas’s accent in the script at all which made it hard to believe that she was this new character.

Everyone in the film just ignored her accent and it felt unrealistic. Not even one, “Where are you from?” The question is an inevitable inquiry of natural human curiosity.

Especially in moments when Sadie was getting annoyed with Cole during their first few combat scenes, anyone who has a second language knows that when you get upset, you sometimes switch to your first language or your accent becomes stronger.

An adapted script could easily have adjusted for Armas’s accent and added in some lines in her native tongue just so her character feels more real.

In all of the films I’ve seen with Ana De Armas other than Knives Out, I have a hard time seeing her as anyone but herself. She’s not one of those actors that can shapeshift into any role and believably take on any accent. All I see is Ana De Armas with a new set of lines.

Finally, the last part of this film that was not so promising was that the relationship between Cole and Sadie feels very lackluster.

Characters within the movie kept alluding to this palpable burning passion between the two of them, repeatedly telling them to “Get a room.”

However, this passion stops within the screen.

As a viewer, I can believe that Cole and Sadie have a comfortable relationship with each other but a burning romantic passion? I don’t buy it.

Chris Evans’ Presence Elevates This Film

In Ghosted, Chris Evans as a down-to-earth, hopeless romantic, endearing farmer is absolutely seamless. Despite the lackluster script that was likened to something you would see on the Hallmark channel, Evans somehow maintains a believably charming presence.

As crazy as it seems for a guy to travel all the way from the US to London to track down a girl that he’s been on only one date with, Chris Evans somehow is able to pull this off. Probably mostly because he’s handsome but also because he convinces viewers that deep down, he’s genuinely a good guy with good intentions.

It was a romantic gesture!

Cole, Ghosted

Once we reach the action part of the film, famously known as Captain America, we instead see Evans as Cole who is not comfortable in combat.

He ducks and hides while Sadie takes control, impatiently directing Cole on how he can help.

Within the action, Cole and Sadie form a partnership that’s believable and fun to watch.

Fun Narrative

I surprisingly laughed a lot throughout Ghosted and genuinely enjoyed the ride as the action began to really kick in.

There are some super fun and exciting cameos. I had to pause and check the title of the movie to make sure that I was still watching Ghosted and not a Marvel film because the cameos were giving me Captain America flashbacks.

My favorite scene was when the bounty hunters out-hunted the other bounty hunters. I was cracking up so hard, I had to pause the movie to catch my breath.

What about this big plot hole?

Sadie and Cole meet for the second time in a tunnel under London in England. After outrunning a few bad guys, they emerge from the tunnel a few minutes later and land in Pakistan? How?

Did I miss something? Is there a teleportation device in the tunnel? They never made that make sense.

In Conclusion…

Ghosted is a good movie despite its pesky flaws.

The film would have greatly benefitted from adapting Sadie’s character for Ana De Armas and smoothing out the awkward dialogue in the beginning.

Once the formalities are out of the way, Ghosted is a cute, easy, funny action-packed adventure to enjoy and manages to hold your attention til the end.

Don’t sleep on Ghosted, you just might like it.

Rating 7.2/10

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