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‘Holiday Rush’ Is Atrocious but the Natural Hairstyles Are Amazing

Holiday Rush

Director: Leslie Small

Date Created: 2019-11-28 00:00

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This movie was SO BAD. And I mean — REALLY bad.

holiday rush
Holiday Rush poster
Holiday Rush is about a radio talk show host widower who loses his job before Christmas which forces him to downgrade the lifestyle he built for his spoiled, bougie kids.  

From the beginning to the end, just FAKE. I was never convinced that this story was real. Never involved in the characters’ lives or invested in their narrative. All of the characters were so annoying to me. They irritated my soul. 

Screen Shot 2020 12 12 at 5.21.03 PM

Extremely spoiled, entitled kids with an entitled narcissistic father. 

And don’t get me wrong, I loved the actors and thought they were all beautiful people and actually watched this movie because I recognized Romany Malco from A Million Little Things. But the characters that this movie created — no bueno.

The romance between Rush and Roxy was the driest thing I’ve ever seen. You’ll find more excitement in the Sahara. No tension building at all. They’re just together all of a sudden with zero convincing build-ups to the moment.

Even the moments when they stared into each other’s eyes just lacked chemistry, energy, and sparks. I couldn’t feel what they were supposedly feeling.

Everything felt incredibly unnatural and inauthentic and I was never able to look past it because it was just so glaringly disingenuous. 

I wanted to shut it off so many times but my hands were busy twisting my hair and I had hoped that it would get better if I just stuck it out. Spoiler alert — it doesn’t get better.

Honestly, if you just watch the trailer you already know what the whole movie is about. Don’t waste any more of your time.

Despite how horrible I thought this film was, I of course still found nuggets of gold — literally — in this movie via the hair of the neurotic assistant, Janella, who was played by Alysia Livingston. This was the movie’s only saving grace. Her bomb, beautiful, decorative natural hairstyles. The only natural element in this movie.

So – what I’m gonna do now, is document all of her fly natural hairstyles for the rest of this movie review cuz the world can always use a little more natural hair appreciation.

— and also so I can try them out on my hair in the future 😉

So, enjoy the only part of the film worth watching – Janella’s hair transformations.

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Holiday Rush Natural Hair Tranformations

As I began to analyze these hairstyles more I realized that they directly correlated to Janella’s character’s growth in the film.

So, let’s take it from the top!

The Classic Free Fro

In Holiday Rush, as she’s walking, her hair has a real bounce to it, fluffy, big, bold, and beautiful.

Janella as a character is mentally unbound. She’s frantic, she’s rushed, a little insecure. She’s still trying to settle into her place in the corporate world.

Timestamp 5:04

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The Golden Fro

Absolutely LOVE this style. Just a simple criss-cross of a few braids held together with golden jewels while leaving the rest of the hair loose.

So simple yet looks complex.

In this scene, Janella is beginning to lay down tracks pertaining to her beliefs of right and wrong as she notices the deception going on among the new leaders of the radio station.

Timestamp 37:49


The FroHawk

I love how she pairs an “edgier” hairstyle with edgier fishnet clothes. The frohawk screams edgy and bold and risky which is perfect for this scene because this was the scene where she took a stand and quit the corrupt radio station.

Timestamp 54:41


The Golden High Bun

This style is so cute and whimsical. We’re bringing the gold decor back and sprinkling it throughout her strands which has been brought together into a neat bun, signifying her getting herself together and doing the right thing by following Rush to his new radio station.

But notice the unhinged shingled curls in the front, representing her uncertainty in her decision to leave her stable job at the old radio station.

Timestamp 1:03:05


The Surely Swirly

Now this style – GORGEOUS. Regal. Divine. Everything. It’s the one style I can’t seem to figure out mentally and that I don’t know if I’d be able to recreate on my own.

At this point in the movie, Janella has matured and has become as well put together as her curled coiffure. She is sure of herself and proud of her decisions. No longer the frantic intern but a confident business partner.

Timestamp 1:25:56


And scene.

Thank you.

In Conclusion…

I know. What I did was impressive. I make lemonade every day.

My high school English teachers would be so proud of me for finding character interpretation through the little details in hair.

A+ for me.

And 10/10 for Janella and the amazingly stunning actress that played her, Alysia Livingston. Even if you just look at her Instagram she is a living, breathing example of rocking her natural hair daily. Love to see it.

As for the Holiday Rush as a whole… Unfortunately, it will not be passing this class.

Better luck next time.

Rating: 2.5/10


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