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A Love Letter to Avatar (2009), My Favorite Movie


Director: James Cameron

Date Created: 2009-12-18 00:00

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avatar (2009)

Dear Avatar (2009),

Ever since I laid eyes on you, I knew it was love at first screening.

Your brilliant visuals bathed my eyes with wonder.

The mesmerizing sound of your soundtrack quickened my heart with burning anticipation – O Avatar (2009)! How you make my braid connect with vigor.

Your characters fly across the screen with intentionality, each word an utterance of focused purpose. Each movement more graceful than a volleyball game.

I could watch you 300 million times over and still yearn for more.

That moment, oh that special moment, when you drew me into the warm embrace of your narrative, the flying dragon and the blue people pulling me into your world of awe and wonder.

How marvelous it is to be engulfed in your glorious atmosphere!

I know you get jealous of my love for my mother but between you and me, just know that I would easily trade my mother for just another moment in your galaxy. I don’t want to return to a life of 3-dimensions and washing the bathroom. I want to stay here with you, in your 2-dimensional paradise.

Those of lesser understanding may deem me disrespectful for my undying devotion to you, but I know that they’re all empty-skulled scouns! I will protect our love for eternity.

I just want to climb to the highest mountain in Pandora and shout, “I LOVE Avatar (2009)!” Then, sit with you, hand in reel, too distracted to even notice the vibrant night sky.

Until I see you again, my love, stay glorious.

Yours truly,

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