Is Heart of Stone 2023 Worth Watching?

Heart of Stone

Director: Tom Harper

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If you’ve seen any action movie at all, then you’ve seen Heart of Stone. A generic, formulaic rendering of an action movie, Heart of Stone feels artificial.

Like it was created with AI and not with real people.

The script is stiff, the storyline lacks a sense of fluid urgency, and the characters are flat.

If you’re wondering, “Is Heart of Stone 2023 Worth Watching?” From what I’ve seen, Heart of Stone 2023 is not worth watching because it has an overly basic, uninventive approach to the action movie genre.

Is Heart of Stone 2023 Worth Watching? | Review

heart of stone 2023
Is Heart of Stone 2023 Worth Watching?
Rachel Stone, a computer-wiz secret agent, must stop opposing forces from capturing the incredibly powerful tool of her agency: the hyper-intelligent, all-knowing software known as The Heart.

*Heads Up There WILL NOT be spoilers in this review.*

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Decent Start

Heart of Stone has a promising start. We see Gal Gadot in her element, playing a very high-energy, intense, action-heavy role as the rookie agent who actually has a few clever tricks up her sleeve.

The beginning of the movie raises a lot of questions for the viewers which we’re eager to have answered.

We’re confused about who Stone really is given that she has so many hidden skills from her team.

We’re curious about the tension between Stone and one of the members of her team, Parker. Is there romance happening there?

And we’re introduced to a master hacker, a mysterious young woman who makes it known that she’s privy to Stone’s secrets.

Once we reach the plot twist early on in the movie that answers most of these questions, the intrigue of the movie immediately dies.

The last hour and a half of the movie is a fizzle out into total disinterest.

Generic Storyline

Everything about this film felt very artificial.

It took a conglomerate of what an action film plot is supposed to look like and mushed it together into this movie.

It feels stale. Like it’s been done a million times before.

The script feels like a sequence of empty words that a machine would say, not a human.

The characters lack any sort of nuance or depth which makes it difficult to care for or root for them.

There comes a point in the film where the details of the plot begin to blur. You become confused about what the motivations of the different characters are.

And you just don’t care.

Truth be told, my thought process throughout the film was primarily, “Let me just get this movie out of the way so I can finally watch something actually entertaining.”

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Unrealistic Characters

Similar to my issues with Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot has this level of indestructibility which makes it hard to relate to her as a human being.

She’s great at upholding this confident, bad*ss persona onscreen but it’s also a bit difficult to relate with and connect with her character. To care for her character.

There’s never any real fear that we’ll lose any of the main characters because the script is so safe and predictable.

Artistic Choices

Though she is painfully typecast, Gal Gadot upheld her specialty of bad*ss action chick in this film. It would be interesting to see her take on a different kind of role though.

Ther were also some cool silhouette action shots like when Rachel Stone was running along the blimp as it was exploding.

is heart of stone 2023 worth watching

The film had its moments of surprise and intrigue but the last half especially completely disengaged the audience and failed to produce anything new and interesting to the plot.

In Conclusion…

Heart of Stone is generic, lifeless, and underwhelming. Overall, I found it to be a Mediocre movie that is not worth watching.

It does have a few bright spot moments that reel you in but the film fails to keep the audience hooked.

In this case, I would have to agree wholeheartedly with the reviews that condemn this film for being just another generic action attempt. The low 28% Rotten Tomatoes score is not too far off…

Rating 4/10

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