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Is Nimona Good? | Surprisingly Better Than Expected


Director: Nick Bruno & Troy Quane

Date Created: 2023-06-30 00:00

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What Nimona lacks in humor, animation style, and script writing, it makes up for in a rollercoaster of a storyline.

The narrative, with its twists, turns, and several differing villains makes the second half of Nimona far better than the first half which is a rare occurrence. Usually, films start strong and fizzle but this movie does the opposite.

Is Nimona Good?

is nimona good
Based on the popular comic, Nimona is a fantasy, adventure movie about a shape-shifting teen who teams up with a fugitive knight to avenge his wrongful framing for a crime he didn't commit.

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The Animation is OK

My first written note for this film was that the animation reminded me of Little Bill, the children’s television show.

Nimona Animation
Nimona vs. Little Bill animation

There’s such a 2-D feel to it where it’s a bit flat and one-dimensional.

In light of some of the more stunning styles of animation that we’ve been seeing of late (Spiderman Into the Spider-Verse, Over the Moon, etc..) the visual aspects of this film look almost a bit underdone. Like it’s not complete.

It’s effective for telling the story of course but it takes a little while to get used to it and it’s underwhelming.

This movie was also based on a comic, yet the film took on a completely different drawing style than the comic.

nimona comic vs. book
image from Popverse

The drawing style they chose would be more forgivable if it was based on the original comic’s style but to choose a drawing style that doesn’t reflect the main comics nor does it elevate it is an interesting choice.

The Humor Is Juvenile

The whole first half of the film, I was rolling my eyes and listening to chirping crickets whenever the movie paused for laughter.

The humor was far too elementary for me and Nimona’s personality was very grating. I did not enjoy her overly in-your-face, rude, irritating, and mischievous nature.

It was not endearing or entertaining.

There was also another Knight, Sir Thaddeus Sureblade, who was very dull in the membrane, overconfident, and a bully. He was given many supposedly comedic lines that only fell flat.

Nimona‘s humor may work better for a younger crowd in the beginning stages of the movie but as the characters become more well-rounded, it becomes easier to connect with them therefore improving the humor in later stages of the film.

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The Story Is Good

When I found out that the movie Nimona was based on an already successful comic, I understood why the story was the most solid aspect of the film.

Yes, the acting is lacking in some areas and the dialogue is sometimes a bit too cheesy but that story tho — METAL!

The narrative teases you with a new potential villain in each segment of the film, setting you up for unexpected twists and outcomes.

We slowly unfold who Nimona is up until the very end of the movie. I even surprised myself to discover that I found myself sympathizing with Nimona by the movie’s end.

The movie rewrote my first impressions of who I thought was a very unlovable, annoying character. That’s a pretty big deal.

The film, Nimona, gets surprisingly deep near the end speaking to the dark monster that isolation and exclusion can create, and I kid you not, my eyes were nearly welling with tears.

“I see you and you’re not alone.”

Nimona saved the less-than-stellar components of the film with the solid base of a well-crafted narrative.

Nimona FAQs

Is Nimona worth watching?

Nimona is worth watching for the twists and turns of the story alone. It doesn’t feel like a waste of time when the credits start rolling so I wouldn’t count it out.

Is Nimona good or bad?

Nimona is a good movie with some not-so-great elements of filmmaking involved. The script, actors, and animation were a bit lacking in my opinion but overall, it’s a good movie.

Is Nimona a good movie?

Yes, Nimona is a good movie.

In Conclusion…

Nimona is a good story if you give it a chance up until the end. The beginning is not the most promising but like fine wine, it gets better with time.

With a surprisingly deep message and emotionality mixed in with many misfired jabs at comedy, Nimona evens out to be a decent attempt at bringing a beloved comic character to life.

Rating 6/10

Is Nimona good in your opinion? Let me know in the comments below!

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