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The verdict is nearly unanimous that the Spider Man No Way Home plot is spectacular, and that this film is a must-see event. This sentiment is further emphasized by the fact that it was not only the biggest box-office release this year, but the second-biggest box-office opening of all time. However, after watching the film, I’m surprised that a lot of critics fail to mention a critical flaw in the plot. 

And no, I don’t mean the plot holes in the Marvel universe like the fact that Electro never saw Spiderman’s face so he shouldn’t be able to recognize him. Or the fact that Zendaya was wearing a necklace at the end of Spider Man Far From Home but not at the beginning of Spider Man No Way Home. Not little details like that, but a major plot question mark.

There’s rarely a bad review for Spider Man No Way Home, but I’ve got a couple of critiques.

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Spider Man No Way Home follows Peter Parker after his identity as Spiderman is publicly revealed. Seeking Dr. Strange's help to fix the damage of his now public identity, Spiderman opened portals that introduce old villains and superheroes from parallel universes.

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Parts of the Spider Man No Way Home Plot that Make No Sense

Peter Parker’s Decisions

Peter Parker’s decisions made no sense.

The big question throughout the film was, What possessed Peter Parker (Tom Holland) to believe that “curing” villains would be a good idea?

My biggest pet peeve with this movie was the blatant lack of common sense on Peter Parker’s part. 

His decisions simply did not make any sense.

Trying to “fix” villains makes no sense.

And then wanting terrible, chaos-driven monsters to stay alive makes even less sense.

If you are terrorizing the community, you need to be restrained. And if you die by the destruction you cause, that’s on you. It’s no one else’s responsibility to save you from yourself but yours.

Peter’s First Mistake

Parker’s first mistake of messing up Dr. Strange’s spell is reasonable. He wasn’t aware of the consequences the spell could have and everyone makes mistakes of ignorance. 

Villains from other worlds show up and Parker needs to capture them which he does with tact and ease. 

Lovely! Well done Parker. You fixed your mess. 

Now here’s where it just gets stupid. 

Peter’s Senseless Second Mistake

After fixing his mess and capturing all the villains, he somehow, OUT OF THE BLUE, decides that it’s his responsibility to “fix” the villains and turn them into good people. 

Like, his superpower is not psychiatry. You can’t fix someone’s motivations. 

And instead of leaving them caged while he tries to help them, he sets them free and unrestrained before bringing them into a house that’s not even his own.

And the worst part is that NO ONE tells him how stupid of an idea that is. Except for Dr. Strange who was acting particularly strange in this movie.

Dr. Strange was just messy this whole movie. How do you let a little kid beat you? 

No Voice of Reason

No one was a voice of reason in this film to tell Peter that he’s being idiotic for trying to “fix” villains. 

Aunt May was the reason Peter Parker made the stupid decision to try to “fix” the villains, using the infamous line, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Even God Himself doesn’t force change on anyone so who does Peter think he is to believe that changing someone is his responsibility?

But the Green Goblin, who’s just a deceptive demon, came off as this helpless old man which Aunt May totally fell for some senseless reason.

Instead of being a responsible adult and saying, “Look, Peter, you cannot fix everyone. Do not bring these unhinged villains into our home.” Instead, May welcomed them in, and guess what, it cost her her life. 

And low key, call me heartless, but I wasn’t super moved by her death. That’s her fault.

When Green Goblin stabbed Tobey Maguire in the back though, my eyes teared up, but that’s another topic. Let me not get ahead of myself…

Moving on, instead of Parker’s friends saying, “Look, Peter, we need to send these villains home before they cause more chaos in our universe. Their fate is up to them, it’s not up to you Peter.” Instead, they enabled Peter’s stupidity. They should have pushed the button the moment they had the chance.

The only somewhat reasonable person, Dr. Strange was trapped in a mirror world that he invented. 

Unreasonable Plot

The main plot of capturing and fixing the villains was just so unbelievable that it took me out of the moment a bit.

I wish that the character’s decisions made a little bit more sense because I was thoroughly confused about why everyone (except for the unhelpful Dr. Strange) thought that “fixing” the destructive villains before restoring things to normal was a good idea.

It’s never a good idea to mess with another universe’s timeline, yet everyone seemed to agree that Spiderman fixing the villains was a good idea. 

Just completely lost me there.

I was looking at the movie the whole time like, huh?

Like, am I missing something? Cuz these decisions are so incongruent with common logic and common sense. 

On top of that, once these other villains entered Peter’s world, all of a sudden the whole plot of Peter and his friends being targeted, hated, and endangered because of this exposed identity was completely neglected.

Integrating that aspect into the plot could have created a more interesting and dynamic storyline rather than having Peter literally create his own messes and then clean them up. 

This Part of Spiderman Makes All the Difference

Now besides that lack of common sense with Holland’s Peter Parker, there is undoubtedly so much to love about Spider Man No Way Home, especially if you love the Spiderman franchise.

Spoiler alert, all three Spider-Men unite to help defeat all the villains who *surprisingly* turn on Holland’s Peter Parker (*gasp* how unexpected…). 

Now my favorite part of the movie was seeing Tobey Maguire. He is hands down my favorite Spiderman and just seeing him there, reprising his iconic role was amazing. 

To me, he was the most well-rounded, endearing, and relatable Spider Man out of all of them. Every action of his had a clear motivation and reasoning and as an audience member, you felt like you really understood him and grew to love him. He felt like a real person.

I also feel like Andrew Garfield, my least favorite Spiderman, redeemed himself with his self-awareness in this movie. When he had the whole dialogue about being lame with Maguire’s Peter Parker, I was cracking up. This movie addressed all of the audience’s thoughts and criticisms of the different Spider-Man interpretations. 

The dialogue did not serve the plot but it 100% served the nostalgia of Spider-Man fanatics. I wouldn’t change a thing about the banter between the Spider-Men. It was amazing to see them again and to see all of these amazing worlds collide. 

In Conclusion…

So, yeah, I just wish that the plot surrounding the re-emergence of the old villains was more believable because most of the drama surrounding the old villains was completely avoidable. 

After discussing the movie with my siblings, we all agreed that the movie could have ended within 15 minutes once Peter rounded up the five villains. Right then and there, the threat was averted and those villains should have been sent home. The rest of the movie was built on very easily avoidable errors and bad decisions. By the end of the movie, I’m not gonna lie, I felt nothing. I was just like, seriously? That was it?

I was really expecting to be brimming with tears or smiling ear to ear with what a great narrative this story presented but those major Spider Man No Way Home plot question marks and the weak integration of important details in the film held it back from being as AMAZING as it had the potential to be. 

Anyhow, they made good money and succeeded in creating record-breaking hype. I just wish the movie lived up to the hype on all levels. 

Rating: 7/10

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