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The Sea Beast Plot Holes (this is the greatest 1) | Review

The Sea Beast

Director: Chris Williams

Date Created: 2022-07-08 00:00

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The Sea Beast is a surprisingly exciting watch, given how little recognition and press it’s gotten. It’s such a pleasant find.

However, as much as I enjoyed the movie, by the end of it I was like – wait a minute here, aren’t we overlooking a few important details? Although The Sea Beast plot holes don’t take away from the majesty of the film, it does hinder how great it had the potential to be.

the seas beast plot holes
SYNOPSIS: The Sea Beast is a Netflix film about a team of sea monster wranglers who are set on conquering the biggest monster of the sea, the Red Bluster. Accompanied by an tenacious orphan, the crew encounters the Red Bluster and soon realizes that things are not as they seem.


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The Sea Beast Plot Holes & Praises

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  • Ughh where do l even begin?! – I like how unpredictable the plot is.
  • I love that the protagonist is a multi-faceted natural-haired black girl.
  • I love the intensity of Red’s character and the animation’s incredible ability to communicate her emotions without words.
  • The story is so wholesome – It keeps you engaged like an emotional roller-coaster.

The Sea Beast is thoroughly enjoyable. It’s cute yet intense at the same time, and I genuinely did not know where the story was going until it took me there. I love an unpredictable journey!


  • One moderate plot hole, MAJOR loose end — the Captain of Inevitable never reaped the consequences of visiting the witch. (What’s up with that?!) It would’ve been awesome to see that aspect of the narrative elevate the plot.
  • In the same vein as the first critique, the happily-ever-after ending felt a bit rushed.

It would have been really cool to see that loose end tied into a more dramatic ending. The movie was unpredictable up until the end where all of a sudden, they decided to be basic and end everything on a happy note, dismissing all the neglected details.

The witch said, “You’re going to lose everything Captain Crow for my secret Sea-Monster-killing potion.” And then 1) Red never died and 2) Captain Crow didn’t lose jack squiggly. All of a sudden we’re at happily ever after.

Still an awesome movie, just feels like the writers got tired at the end of the narrative.

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Additional Thoughts:

The world is WIDE Jacob, and you don’t know everything.

Maisie Brumble

In Conclusion:

RATING: 8.5/10

What did you think about The Sea Beast plot holes? What other plot holes did you notice in The Sea Beast? Let me know in the comments below!

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